About Michael Worthy

I help general managers and their teams to accept the challenge of a changing business game

Are you familiar with business theatre?

From friends and business contacts I hear way too often that their day in the office was insane and without any noteworthy purpose. Their stories are quite similar, ranging from:

“I spend all day in pointless meetings, checked my mails at 5 p.m. and then I actually started working after all.”

“I am fed up with the unfair and opportunistic behavior of my colleagues and superiors. Everyone just looks after themselves.”

“As expected, in the last town hall meeting there was no visible strategy again. I am not sure what our leadership team actually does all day.”

“Have you already heard the news: there is a new change project, which replaces the last one that went wrong… and again, another new bandwagon.”

I myself was responsible for large change and restructuring projects some time ago. These changes were caused by either technological disruption or management growth ambitions. It was a great experience to deal with all sorts of technical, operational and financial issues, however:

Apparently digital transformation is not so much about technical challenges, but rather a question of the LEVEL OF MATURITY of a company on all levels regarding organizational set-up and procedures, including mind-set and leadership behavior.

To strengthen this holistic view, I developed further skills in order to combine the human factor and the systems of organizational behavior. I certified as a business coach and trainer and I continuously increase my skills in holistic organizational development. This extended perspective further drove my passion for supporting business transformations.

At a glance

Hi, I am Michael Worthy

I help general managers, decision makers and executives leading their organization and people through the ongoing changes more successfully.

In doing so, I like using the analogy to the world of sports. On the one hand this approach easily illustrates practical options for measures in a game theoretical and playful way. And on the other hand, this approach leads you to take action and courageous and clever decisions when the chips are down. No worries, you don’t have to be an expert in competitive sports or in professional basketball yourself.


What’s my link to sports?

Since early childhood I was always into competitive sports. At the age of 10 years I seriously got into track and field and a bit later into basketball. In the summer of 1988, my youth basketball coach saw me at a track meeting and convinced me by saying: “You are fast, you can jump and safely land on your feet. These are perfect basics for playing basketball.”

From 1996 to 1999 I played with the first division men’s team of SSV Ratiopharm Ulm. We won the German Cup in 1996 and finished Second in the National Championships in 1998. I plaid with and against many great players, and I learned a great deal:

  • about team performance…
  • success and failure…
  • discipline and endurance…
  • patience and timing…
  • leadership and self-management…
  • communication…
  • and why breath control is critical in important moments.

A major role on the court was always my intuition. Many decisions had to made within split seconds. All these experiences I was able to apply and further develop in other areas of my life.

Referring to sports adds clarity and ease to daily business routines

No matter in which situation I was in as a management consultant, business executive or project leader, as soon as I freed myself out of complex daily business routines and remembered my time as a basketball player, I was able to make decisions and have impact with a lot more ease and clarity. In the course of time I was able to transfer many challenge in business to a comparable situation I was facing in sports. My passion is to pass these experiences on to you!

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